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Snow Removal Unit
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Snow Removal Unit SRU

The SRU utilizes the weight of the snow itself to clear the power lines. When reaching a pre-set threshold, the SRU gives the line a sudden impact, making the snow fall off. Afterwards, the SRU resets itself and is ready to repeat the process again – and again.
Currently mounted in Norwegian and swedish 22 KV and 66 KV lines Construction Purely mechanical. No electricity or external power required. Current pulldown weight on lines Lowest 40 kgs
Highest 150 kgs
Position in chain Either above or below the insulators. Clips Currently: 16mm and 20mm Construction max load 70 KN Mounting The SRU is mounted in the same way as an insulator. Time of year, mounting All year. Summer is best :-) Ice The SRU does not target ice, but removes snow before it turns into ice. Line position The concept is developed for lines running below the cross arms. Not raised above. Effect The release removes snow in both directions from the pole. 1 unit per line is recommended, but we have seen releases removing snow from parallel lines. Finish Hot-dip galvanized

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